Mount Wilson: North-to-South Panorama from Echo Rock

2005-11-17: This panorama was captured from Echo Rock on Mount Wilson in Los Angeles county, California. Note the improved atmospheric visibility over urban areas when compared to this early-Spring panorama captured 2005-04-26 and this mid-Spring panorama captured 2005-05-10. Late Autumn and Winter weather patterns in this area allow for excellent visibility, even though some smog ultimately prevents fine details from being seen.

Along with nearby and distant mountains (labeled), the Los Angeles-county cites visible in the image below are: Sierra Madre, Monrovia, Arcadia, Duarte, Glendora and Irwindale.

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panorma from Echo Rock, Mt. Wilson, California, 2005-11-17


All images taken with Canon Digital Rebel 300 EOS camera. Focus: manual. All other parameters: manual. Tripod was used.

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