Joshua Tree National Park: Lost Horse Valley

(below) 2005-09-04 (taken approximately 15:12): This 180-degree panorama -- comprised of 10 separate 27 mm images -- was captured from Lost Horse Valley (elevation 4384 ft) in JTNP's south-west section. Lost Horse Valley and Queen Valley are JTNP's two major open grasslands in which these "trees" thrive.
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Lost Horse Valley
Lost Horse Valley is located in a Mojave desert: a higher-elevation (3000 ft - 5000 ft) desert which receives a bit more rainfall and is home to Joshua Trees. The other major desert found in JTNP is the Colorado Desert.

More info:

Here's a site which accurately describes JTNP's various sections as well as their history, nature and science.


All images taken with Canon Digital Rebel digital camera. Focus: manual. All other parameters: manual. A tripod was used.

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