My move to California: 2004 - present -- A gallery of stills, video and info

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New: Spring / Summer 2008: Rancho Palos Verdes

Feb. 2004: Huntington Beach and Newport Beach

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An original 2004 inspiration for creating this site was Don Bain's Virtual Guidebooks, aka 360-degree panos. Also influential was Both sites are still running as of this writing: Thursday, June 15, 2017


On a Hiking Trail at Malibu Bluffs SP, Malibu, CA...

Many more videos on my YouTube channel...

(Note: even more analog and digital video footage was also shot for various pictured locations on this site ... these segments will be uploaded to YouTube shortly)

Khurram at Manhattan Beach, California June 2004

(above) Manhattan Beach, facing South towards Palos Verdes hills peninsula. There is a bike trail that hugs the coastline. This place is roughly 7 miles from my house in Gardena. Bike-travel-time: < 0.5 hrs (one-way) . You can see my bike -- which I exclusively use for transportation -- has been revamped quite a bit. I added a cycle computer to track speed and miles (and calories burned). Lot's of safety features added, too, such as white and red LED-based head- and tail-lights; they blink like a Christmas tree! This sound nuts ... but LA traffic is nuttier. That said, the public transportation system in LA is excellent; one can take bikes on buses and trains. Visit my newly-created bicycle commuting, touring camping and safety site for more information.

South-facing photograph of Manhattan Beach, California 
(above) South-facing view of Manhattan Beach, California

Khurram's Touring Bicycle on El Segundo Beach, California
(above) Khurram and bicycle on El Segundo beach, California

Nick Colby's house, facing West, Irvine, California

2004-06-12: outside, back Nick Colby's house in Irvine, Califorinia

Gregg Vane of jet Propulsion Laboratory at Nick Colby's house

2004-06-12: outside-front Nick Colby's house Irvine, California (JPL whiz and serious CR practitioner Gregg Vane pictured here)

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