Photo and Video from Toledo Botanical Gardens in Toledo, Ohio

Early Fall scene from Mid-October 2005:

...and a time-lapse of from the above locataion...

(below) 2005-10-13: Pink Rose, from the Rose Garden at the Toledo Botanical Gardens.

Pink Tea Rose

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(below) 2005-10-13: Red Chokeberries, Aronia arbutifolia, on a Chokberry tree

Flowers / Fruit: 1.5 to 2 inch clusters of tiny sweet scented white flowers in late April. Red chokeberries mature in early fall, berries are approximately 0.25 inch in diameter and persist well late into late winter. Black chokeberries mature in late summer, berries are large, 0.33 to 1.3 inch in diameter. Berries are tart but editable.
   Form / Size: Medium to large deciduous shrubs with upright-oval shape. Red varieties reach a height of six to ten feet. Black varieties mature at five to seven feet.
Culture: For best flower and fruit set, plant chokeberries in full sun location. They can tolerate dapple light environment, however. Chokeberries readily adapt to most soil environments that are reasonable well drained. Landscape Uses: Chokeberries are ideally suited for accent and specimen use in the garden. A single plant, or a group of three plants, looks especially nice near a deck or patio. They also add interest to a mixed shrub border where their spring flowers, summer fruit, and dramatic fall foliage attract lots of attention.

(below) 2005-10-13: Pink Dahlia flowers. For more on Dahlias, visit DahliaWorld or

Dahlia flowers range from 2-3 inches across for single flowered forms and up to twice that for the double-flowered forms. Bloom color range includes just about every color except blue.

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Below are video captures from Toledo Botanical Gardens:

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Technical: All images taken with Canon Digital Rebel XT digital camera. Focus: manual. All other parameters: manual. A tripod was used.

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