180-degree View from Culver City Park: Greater Los Angeles Basin

The panorama below is composed of nine (9) separate 4-megapixel images, taken with a Canon A85. They were stitched together with Helmut Dersch's Panorama Tools and its companion PTAssembler, created by Max Lyons. Max Lyons is one of is the champions of stitched digital imaging, having recently created one of the largest (over 1 gigapixels!) stitched images ever.

Other tools and resources used: Adobe Photoshop Elements 2.0, Jasc Paint Shop Pro 8, The GIMP (and GIMP Pocket Reference (O'Reilly Pocket Reference Series)) and Photoshop Elements Solutions by Mikkel Aaland.

(above) Greater Los Angeles Basin. The images in this panorama were taken from Culver City Park, near downtown Los Angeles, on 23 July 2004. Note the correlating
Topanga Park Reference Point. This is the approximate vantage point from which the Parker Mesa panorama was taken. On this day, the visibility
was excellent for this area (unlike the Parker Mesa imaging day). I'm still working on the distortions caused by exposure and angular differences
currently visible in the compositing "frames". The individual images that comprise this composite were not taken with the intention of panoramic
imaging per se (but I am improving my technique!) . High-resolution versions of this image -- with or without text labels -- are available free for government
and educational institutions. Others may purchase print or file version. Please contact me for more information.