Mount Wilson and Angeles National Forest, California

On Tuesday and Wednesday 19-20 April 2005, I took two road trips to Mt. Wilson. Take a look at this map to get an idea of where it's located (the dashed red line - - - - shows the car route I took):

2005-04-19: 4600-ft. Facing East at Red Box/Mt. Wilson Road Forest Ranger Station. Looking into West Fork San Gabriel River valley.


2005-04-19: 4600-ft. At Red Box/Mt. Wilson Road Forest Ranger Station. This image taken from same area as above except a few steps back into the parking lot.


2005-04-20: ~5700-ft at Mt. Wilson: Facing NW toward 100-inch Telescope and one of the six 'scopes of the CHARA array. CHARA is an acronym for "Center for High Angular Resolution Astronomy".


2005-04-20: ~5700-ft at Mt. Wilson: Facing South-East: If it wasn't for the clouds and smog, the cityscape below would be much clearer. Click here to see how much more visible it can be on clearer days.


2005-04-20: Mt Wilson: Facing south from Vista Point on Rim Trail.


2005-04-20: Heading back home on Angeles Crest Highway. This is a valley; elevation here is 4000 ft. The haze in the background is fog (clouds).


All images taken with Canon Digital Rebel 300 EOS camera. Focus: manual. All other parameters: manual. Tripod was used.

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Click here for a view of Mt. Wilson from Pasadena