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Bicycle Touring Guide: Table of Contents

What Is Bicycle Touring? [1]

Choosing a Touring Bicycle [2]

Fitting the Bicycle to You [3]

Efficient Cycling: Gearing and Cadence [4]

Choosing Auxiliary Equipment [5]

Clothes for Bicycle Touring [6]

Carrying Gears: Racks, Packs and Panniers [7]

Planning Your Tour [8]

Camping by Bicycle [9]

A Typical Touring Day [10]

Touring with People [11]

Physical Conditioning [12]

Food for Bicycle Touring [13]

Maintenance--part 1, part 2 [14]

Touring Made Simple [15]

Note: This guide is based partly on the Guide to Bicycle Touring, a popular and topical book from 1980. We've avoided the urge to modernize much of it so that reader may gain some insighs into how much touring has/hasn't changed in roughly 35 yerars.

Also see: Guide to Road Biking and Racing

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