Joshua Tree National Park: Keys View -- Panoramas, Videos, and Geography

Below: 2005-09-05 (taken approximately 9:00 AM): This 120-degree panorama -- comprised of 15 separate 50mm images -- was captured from Keys View (elevation 5185 ft or 1581 m) in JTNP's south-west section. The foreground mountains (in which Keys View is located) are known as the Little San Bernardino mountains. Also note Signal Mountain, which is just past the Mexican border nearly 110 miles to the south-east. The visibility on this morning was generally good, allowing one to see such distant landmarks as well as clearly differentiate more-nearby targets in the Coachella Valley and San Bernardino Wilderness.
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panoramic image from Keys View -- note infamous San Andreas fault line. Also note the elevation gain between Mt. San Jacinto and San Gorgonio. This is the San Gorgonio Pass, through which I-10 passes. This pass maxes out at roughly 2,600 ft near the city Beaumont, California (not visible in this image)

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190° view from Keys View. This panorama shows essentially the scene behind the camera in the above shot.
I had to move to a location about 500 feet above and a bit away from the main viewing area (above).
The elevation here is about 5,100 ft. (1,555 meters) and the wind currents from the San Gorgonio pass can be very powerful.
But that wind can be put to practical, environmentally-conscious use.

In late August 2006, my sister Faryal and friend Alison visited from Ohio. JTNP was on top their sightseeing agenda!
Here are photographs from that visit. And below is some panoramic video we shot while at Keys View:

below: Timelapse, dusk from Keys View: Camera facing South-West toward Indio, Palm Springs and Mt. San Jacinto. If you look carefully, you can see the Palm Springs Ariel Tram go up and down Mt. San Jacinto (the single, stationary dot is the Tram's Mountain Station). Main traffic-way is I-10, running East-West. Some stars are also visible as the sky darkens. Horizontal streaks are airplanes. Elevation 5200 ft

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More JTNP images, panographs and videos I've created:

For more information on Joshua Tree National Park, visit the official web site.

Technical stuff: All images taken with Canon A80 digital camera. Focus: auto. All other parameters: auto. A tripod was used.

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