Joshua Tree National Park: Wonderland of Rocks and Jumbo Rocks

below: 2005-09-05 (taken approximately 10:30 AM): This 130-degree panorama -- comprised of eight separate 24 mm images -- was captured from Wonderland of Rocks in JTNP's north-west section. Several rock climbers were scaling and repelling in this area. Unfortunately, none can be made out at the Internet-friendly resolution of the image below.
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Erosion caused the monzogranite rock to be exposed after millions of years. Today these rock formations are a favorite spot for rock climbers.

Below are images and video taken with family and friends in August 2006...

At Jumbo Rocks, facing Northwest, with the ladies giving us some scale!

Video of the same scene as above...

Faryal and Alison heading Eastward to Jumbo Rocks:

Joshua trees can be seen in abundance throughout the Park, especially as you drive from the west entrance to the main entrance to the east or vice versa. The tallest Joshua tree looms forty-feet high, a grand presence in the Queen Valley forest; it is estimated to be over 900 years old.

The Joshua tree (Yucca brevifolia) is a giant member of the lily family. Depending on the right conditions, it blooms from spring to summer in clusters of white flowers and provides habitat for numerous birds, mammals, lizards and insects.

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Technical stuff about the images (for imaging geeks!): All images taken with Canon Digital Rebel camera. Focus: manual. All other parameters: manual. A tripod was used. Panorama created with PTAssembler.

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