Time-Lapse Sequence taken from Parker Mesa Overlook, Topanga State Park in Los Angeles, California

Facing south, this time-lapse sequence was taken from Parker Mesa Overlook in
Topanaga State Park. Frame-rate: 24 fps. ~28 mm; date 2005-04-24
high-rez still from Parker Mesa time lapse

Panning, south to east, this sequence was created using Panobot 2 and a hand-triggered digital SLR.
The jerkiness in the pan is due to wind currents, camera software lock ups, and some accidental human interference. The LEGO-made Panobot 2 is, unfortunately, not very sturdy and does not handle shocks and sudden movements well. Now on YouTube. ~28 mm; date 2005-04-24

This image shows a portion of a vista that was captured in this panned time-lapse

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