Buying a Bicycle -- A Basic Guide: Contents

Get a Bike! Today, there are more bikes to choose from than ever before, and the choice is yours. With the help of this guide, you’ll make easy work of it.

Clearly illustrated and concisely written, Buying a Bicycle explains the differences to watch out for and how to make sure you get the bike that best suits your needs. Separate sections on selecting the right bike and other equipment, determining the correct size, getting comfortable on the bike, buying second-hand bikes, using the gears, safe cycling techniques, routine maintenance, and basic repairs.

  • • Choose the right bike for your riding style
  • • Select the size that fits just perfectly
  • • Decide between brands and models
  • • Compare different components
  • • Useful accessories
  • • Become proficient with your gearing
  • • Keep your bike in perfect trim

Warning and Disclaimer:

Cycling is associated with a certain level of risk. Although it’s the author’s intent to show the reader how to choose and handle the bike safely, no claim is made that this is a comprehensive manual for bicycle safety. In general, no amount of advice in itself can be as effective as thoughtful operation of the bike by the rider.

Although we recommend wearing a helmet when cycling, no protective gear can protect the rider against all risks, and it should in general be seen as the rider’s responsibility to use caution.

In case of uncertainty about the mechanical operation of the bike, and in case this guide does not provide an adequate answer consulting a bike shop is recommended, preferably the one where the bike was purchased.

--- Contents ---

1. Introduction

  • Where to Buy
  • Types of Bikes
  • Bicycle Brand Names
  • Other Criteria

2. Choosing a Bike Type

  • Mountain Bikes
  • Road Bikes
  • Hybrids
  • Other Bikes

3. Understanding the Bicycle

  • The Parts of the Bike
  • Know Your Gruppos

4. Sizing Your Bike

  • Frame Size
  • What’s Your Frame Size?
  • Saddle Height
  • Handlebar Height
  • Front Length
  • Other Dimensions

5. Other Equipment for You and Your Bike

  • Gear for the Rider
  • Gear for the Bike
  • Attachment and Removal of Accessories
  • Tools and Spares

6. Buying a Used Bike

  • Where to Buy a Used Bike
  • Bike Theft and the Secondhand Market
  • Checking It Out

7. Setting Up Your Bike

  • Adjusting the Saddle
  • Handlebar Adjustment
  • Brake and Gear Lever Adjustments
  • Remove and Install Wheel
  • Remove and Install Pedals

8. Using the Gears

  • The Parts of the Derailleur System
  • Gearing Theory
  • Gearing Practice

9. Getting Familiar with Your Bike

  • Check It Out
  • Riding Practice
  • Braking Practice
  • Steering Practice
  • Different Terrain

10. Safe Cycling

  • Single Participant Accidents
  • Multiple Participant Accidents

11. Routine Maintenance

  • Cleaning the Bike
  • Pre-Ride Inspection
  • Monthly Inspection
  • Seasonal Inspection

12. Basic Repairs

  • Fixing a Flat
  • Patching a Tube
  • Fix Gear Shift Problems
  • Tighten Loose Crank
  • Adjust Brake

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