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Folks...look...if the U.S. had advanced, energy-efficient transportation like the GG1 in the early 1930's the bottom-line question is why this is such a rarity across the U.S. now? Why did we allow General Motors and Firestone Rubber (and all the oil companies in tow!) to destroy the Los Angeles public railway system, back in the 1940s and 1950s ... so they could make $$ off us by selling us polluting cars, oil/gas and tires? It's our fault once we become educated and aware of the history of corporate greed and then fail to do something about it! Obama seems to realize this and wants to save the U.S. by investing in rail. Let's at least back him up on this part of his "economic stimulus" plan (most of which is a corporate-backed sham, but investment in U.S. railroad is thankfully real).

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BNSF adds third rail in Southern California, reducing freeway congestion!

Alameda Corridor ---40 mph, for 20 continuous ground miles, non-stop, through Los Angeles?!

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Rail FAQs-of-the-Day (aka Your Daily Train-Talk)...

Rail Transportation Systems: Design, Construction and Operation

Railway and Railroad Engineering Guide

Guide to: Railroad Investment -- Stocks, Indexes and Finance Information

Guide to: Locomotive Maintenance: Services and Procedures

Railroad/Freight-train conductors (aka engineers)--intro and careers

Guide to Engineering Railroad, Railway, Train Electrification Systems:

Encyclopedia of Trains, Rail and Locomotives

Introduction to Modern High-Speed Trains

American Trains and Rail: High-Speed Development

History of North American Freight Rail:
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American Passenger Rail --From the Early Days to Amtrak:

High-Technology Trains:

Railroad Maintenance:

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U.S. Railroad: Stock Price and Finance/Investment

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