Locomotive Maintenance: Services and Procedures

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Maintenance-service contractors typically provide the following:

Maintenance Management:
Scheduled Maintenance
Unscheduled Maintenance
Modifications and upgrades
Wheel Replacement
Locomotive and component overhauls
Wheel Truing
Daily Inspections
Repairs due to vandalism and wrecks

Technical Support:
Develop flexible maintenance to meet operation
Drive engineering support
Pre maintenance inspection
Post maintenance inspection
Historical tracking of locomotive performance

Materials Support Management:
Material procurement
Material warehousing and distribution
Rebuild core supply, management and returns
Non-locomotive materials management

Shop layout and tooling
Facility maintenance
*Existing facilities will require environmental evaluation

Labor Management:
Daily shop supervision
Comply with existing agreements
Completely assume responsibility for workforce

Workforce Training and Certification

Services (what to look for):

  1. Duty cycle
  2. Hours of operation - 5 day operation or 7 day 24 hour operation?
  3. Miles or kilometers per month
  4. Unique operating conditions
  5. Typical reliability measurements used
  6. Typical availability measurement used
  7. Total number and location of shops to be used for maintenance
  8. Equipment at each shop (cranes, drop tables, special tooling, inspection pits)
  9. Load test facilities
  10. Review of labor
  11. Warehouse facilities

[Based on EMD Diesel's criteria]