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Bring robustness, ergonomics, and efficiency to fields of web development, applications, usability design, client/server-side programming, search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), affiliate marketing, and related areas in Information Technology (IT).


» February 2004 - present: Self-employed freelancer, consultant and programmer focusing on: information-driven web sites; web design and programming; web site usability engineering; search-engine optimization techniques; affiliate marketing; and other related Information Technology (IT) fields. Past and current projects and/or clients include the following (note--only current, active projects are hyperlinked):

  1. -- Office Supply Warehouse: Over 20,000 office-supply and office furniture items!

  2. [06/07/2014] Blinds, lighting, area rugs and other Home Accessories — offers the very best in area rugs, blinds, curtains bedding and other related products. >>> 2013-11-18 Incorporates: >>> [DIRECT-SERVER. hoststock]

  3. AOR — Advanced Orthomolecular Research

  4. [03/03/2014] - "Superb Values in Home Decor, Bedding and Furniture" >>> [DIRECT-SERVER. hoststock]

  5. -- Parts and Accessories for Bicycles >>> [was: DIRECT-SERVER. hoststock] Pioneer CLD-D704

  6. Sewing Mach. - orig. host: 1and1

  7. African-American and Urban Clothing and Fashion Products. >>>> [DIRECT HOSTING-SERVER ADDR.]

  8. Arts and Crafts supplies — discount art supply store offering a wide selection of arts, crafts, books, and much more. Database includes products for both the professional and amateur artist. CANCEL April 27, 2014 >>>

  9. Assistware — Lane Departure, SafeTRAC, Drowsy and Distracted Driver Warning System

  10. [April 19, 2014] Home Organization, and Closet Organizers, Storage Solutions and Lighting Products

  11. [April 19, 2014] Bags, Luggage and Travel Supplies — from backpacks and carry-ons to computer cases and handbags, this web site combines the best selection of products with unrivaled service and extremely competitive prices. [DIRECT SERVER ADDR. httpme]

  12. Basic Consolidated Rail -- An Introduction to North American Freight Train and Rail

  13. Bathroom, Bedroom and Kitchen — Remodeling Essentials

  14. Batteries, Chargers and AC Adapters: Best-Engineered and Environmentally Friendly >>>>[ exp. 06/04/2014]

  15. — Baby Bedding, Children's Furniture, Cribs, Baby Gear [1and1 expire 2014-04-18] [DIRECT-SERVER]

  16. Bicycling: Commuting, Touring, Camping, and Safety [orig.: -- 1and1 expired 2013-12-13; now on this site]

  17. [1and1 expired 2013-11-09] Big and Tall Menswear and Plus Size Women's Clothing

  18. Binoculars, Rifle scopes, Spotting scopes and other Optical Instruments and Accessories — A web site offering quality optical gear. Buying guides to help you make informed purchases and How-To tips to help you use these instruments.[ expr.11/09/2013]

  19. -- 03/19/2014 ! ------ >>>>

  20. -- Building and Architecture Guide -- Resource for: Redesigning / Renovating Apartments and Houses; Home Construction; How to Design and Build Your Own House; more. [1and1 expired 2014-03-28] >>> / compactdynamics / index.html [07/13/2014] >> [DIRECT SERVER hoststock] [2014-05-18]

  21. Industrial Manufacturing Resources: Careers, Jobs, Products []

  22. Car and Automotive Restoration and Customization — Unique Automotive Tools and Supplies [1and1 expired 2013-11-10] >>> 04/26/2014 >>>> [DIRECT SERVER hoststock]

  23. Car Resources and Support — Auto parts, accessories and car-care products. Helpful articles and How-To tips. Book recommendations for automotive technical skill-building. >>> 04/26/2014 >>>>

  24. Cavalry-to-the-Rescue support organization — Gear and equipment for hunting, military surplus, police and survival. Featuring an extensive collection of knives (including pocket/folding knives), chef's knives, hunting knives, diving knives, combat & military knives, daggers, sharpening stones and more. (MOVED to hoststock 2013-11-18: [1and1 expired 2013-11-30] >>> (2014-04-07) >>> [DIRECT SERVER hoststock]

  25. Durable, Comfortable Clothing, Belts, Wallets, Money belts, Suspenders, and more Affordable Prices

  26. Collectibles and Gift Ideas — limited edition and exclusive collectibles including collector plates, dolls, figurines, cartoon characters and more. [was] >>> >>> ?????

  27. --- Costume Resource Basics — Infant Costumes, Children's Costumes, Adult Costumes (All Sizes: XSmall -- XXXXL), Medieval costumes, Renaissance Costumes, Wigs, Masks, Makeup and Props. MOVED TO:

  28. — Calorie Restriction with Optimum Nutrition. Resources for low-calorie diets. [CANCEL December 14, 2013 CONFIRMED; re-located to without forum ]

  29. Customer Resource Basics — Featuring a diverse range of products, including industrial and professional supplies. [ Career Guide for Technicians relocated here: ~engineer/crbasics_com/ ] [Convenient At-Home Shopping relocated here: ~housepr/crbasics_com/index_orig.html ] [ host: - expired 2013-11-10]

  30. [November 9, 2013] Carpentry Resources and How-To Tips >>> >>> [2014-05-04] >>> [2022-02-12]

  31. Data Acquisition, Signal Conditioning, Industrial Preventive Maintenance, and Maintenance Management Software [expire 2014-02-25; relocated to ] >>> [DIRECT-SERVER for forum only]

  32. - Qualitätseinkaufen für Deutschland: Exklusive Mode für Damen, Herren und Kinder sowie außergewöhnliche Wohnaccessoires können einfach und bequem online bestellt werden.

  33. -- Dust Control, Air Purification & Filtration: Information & Resources for Improving Indoor Air >>> [ 03/19/2014] ----->>>> [2014-07-13] >>> >>> [DIRECT-SERVER]

  34. [2014/03/11] - DIY and Building Supplies -- fasteners, electrical, hand tools, plumbing supplies, more.>>>> [DIRECT-SERVER]

  35. (hosted on HTTPME begin: 2013-12-15; DNS:

  36. -- Do-It-Yourself Resources: Supplies and Tips for Flooring, Carpeting and Rugs [05/06/2014] [DIRECT-SERVER]

  37. -- Earth-friendly products for home and office -- Offering Sustainable Living & Environmentally-Conscious Products and Information [May 14, 2014] [DIRECT-SERVER]

  38. Equipment for Military, Law Enforcement, Homeland Security, Hunting and more [was:] >>> (2014-04-07)

  39. [April 19, 2014] Fahrräder und Fahrradteile für Deutschland: Der Spezialist für Fahrrad & Fitness — Auf dieser Web site finden Sie Deutschlands größtes on-line-Versorgungsmaterial Fahrräder, Fahrradteile und in Verbindung stehende Zusatzgeräte.

  40. — Train your pet fish to do amazing tricks. Employs two techniques long used to train animals: positive reinforcement and shaping.

  41. Fitness and Exercise Equipment for Home or Gym [; orig home page]

  42. [April 19, 2014] Jewelry and Gemstones — A comprehensive selection of gems and jewelry for gift-giving, engagements and other special occasions.

  43. february-11-com -- Flooring Products, Home Bedding and Linens [Jan 07, 2014] >>> >>> DIRECT-SERVER

  44. [April 27, 2014] Walfordians Hobby Shop -- Hobbies, Toys and other Unique items for Kids and Adults that are Kids at Heart.

  45. -- [2014-05-26] Household Appliances — High-Quality, High-Reliability Appliances for Your Home >>> DIRECT-SERVER

  46. United States Construction Resources and Support [] — Specializing in indoor and outdoor home lighting, light fixtures, ceiling fans, lamps, and electrical lighting accessories. [moved to 2013-08-22] >>> [2014-05-04]

  47. -- Home Furniture, Accents and Decoration essentials — This site offers a selection of high-quality bedding, bath, and home décor; closet organizers, cedar chests, hangers, garment racks, plastic boxes, and shoe racks; shower curtains and more. [Moved to on Hoststock]

  48. -- Home Inspection, Improvement, Renovation and Remodeling [;; May 2, 2014] >>> DIRECT-SERVER

  49. -- Yard, Lawn and Garden supplies -- basic care, container gardening, seasonal tip and extensive how-to guides. [;; May 3, 2014] >>> [DIRECT SERVER]

  50. [April 27, 2014] "The Construction Resources Folks" -- Home Repair, Improvement and Hardware: Products and Tips for Do-it-Yourself Projects. [April 27, 2014]. After 2013-08-22, incorporates:, (pet supplies) >>> DIRECT-SERVER

  51. IT information resource [DIRECT-SERVER]

  52. Industrial Electronics — Electrical Resources for Manufacturing and Government Applications: including Cable & Wire Managers and Cord Covers.

  53. Industrial-Electricity — Information + Resources for Students and Industry

  54. — Everything from audio books, bags, shoes, knife kits, to pet-care supplies and shower curtains. [DIRECT-SERVER]

  55. — Equity Line of Credit, Student Loan Consolidation and other Financial Advice

  56. Maintenance Industrial --Innovative Solutions for Manufacturing and Industry.

  57. — Tips in paying off credit cards with a home equity loan, debt consolidation, lender fees, moorages and more.

  58. -- Basic Consolidated Rail: 21st Century Solutions for Railway Transportation. [tmpr. relocated to THIS site]

  59. -- Men's Apparel — Highest-Quality, Affordable Prices

  60. Measurement Testing — A Web site Dedicated to Environmental Testing, EMC Testing, Vibration Testing and related areas

  61. [November 9, 2013] Basic Composer Resoirces -- Musical Instruments and Recording Equipment including Guitars, Drums, Microphones and more [DIRECT-SERVER hoststock]

  62. Mythopolis — Creating unique High Definition (HD) Time-Lapse footage of Los Angeles, California and other landmark places from around the world. Original-composition cinematic music.

  63. Information and Supplies for Outdoorsmen and Sportsmen — Camping, Fishing, Boating, Archery, and more. (MOVED to hoststock 2013-11-18: >>> (2014-04-07) >>> (2022-02-12;

  64. Personal Care and Wellness products and Medical, Health & Exercise supplies — Products for diabetics, ostomy, incontinence, non-prescription pharmacy items and various other home-health-care and family-planning products. CANCEL November 9, 2013 >>>

  65. Pet supplies, pet medication, vaccines, nutrition and diet products for animals. [formerly] >>> [2013-08-22] >>> l [2014-05-04] DIRECT-SERVER hoststock

  66. Restaurant and Kitchen Supplies: Tools and Equipment for Professional Chefs and Home Cooks — offering products such as dinnerware, flatware, serveware, bakeware, knives, bar and wine accessories, catering supplies, and janitorial supplies. [formerly moved to 2013-08-23] [ cancel March 10, 2014] DIRECT-SERVER hoststock

  67. -- Sewing Machines, Embroidery Machines, Sergers, How-To Maintenance Tips and FAQ. Relocated to: (2013-11-18; hoststock) >>> [DIRECT-SERVER. hoststock]

  68. Greek letter Γ γ followed by Electronics ... DIY Electronics and Computer stuff -- whole systems, components and parts for modern electronics hardware [alt. link]

  69. Tools and Equipment for Commercial, Industrial and Residential Use [] [April 19, 2014 ] DIRECT-SERVER hoststock

  70. --- UK and Europe DIY Do it Yourself: Home Improvement, Repair, Lawn and Gardening: Products and Information. DIRECT-SERVER hoststock [Now on:]

  71. UK Clothing & Outdoor Gear l[was:] [DIRECT-SERVER]

  72. UK Shopping Mall — from furniture to electricals, toys to sports and leisure items, Womenswear, Menswear, Kidswear & Nursery, Sportswear & Equipment, Home & Garden, Appliances, Electronics, Leisure & Hobbies, Toys & Gifts, and more.

  73. [04/26/2014] -- One-of-a-kind information [DIRECT SERVER]

  74. United States Travel, Vacation and Holiday Resources [ exp. 03/13/2014] >>> (2014-04-07)

  75. --- Equipment and Products for Medical, Health, Fitness, and Exercise — Consumer and professional medical supplies, health, fitness and exercise products. 1and1 [cancel 27 Apr. 2014], HTTPME. >>> DIRECT-SERVER httpme

  76. -- 06/06/2014 Woodworking Supplies, Hardware, Tools, Plans, Finishing (was: — this site also features an extensive library of carpentry and wood-crafts books

  77. 13oct1967 -- "Your Online Pharmacy: Specializing in Diabetes, Incontinence & Ostomy supplies" [; 1and1 cancel March 10, 2014] >>> >>> [DIRECT SERVER]

  78. -- Wet basement and waterproofing, foundations (incl. crack repair), floors, floods and water emergencies. Solutions, DIY, tips and suggestions for selecting professional contractors. [DIRECT SERVER]

» June 1996 - February 2004: ConAgra Foods — Aseptic Operations. Rossford, Ohio. Electrical-Mechanical Engineering Tech. Duties: Troubleshooting and programming industrial automation equipment, including: food processing, packaging, coding equipment; PID controls; data acquisition; utilities. Daily assignments require electrical, mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic and PLC programming aptitude.

Other Experience:


Computer, Internet, and other Technical Skills:

Software tools: Macromedia Dreamweaver; Cisco networks; Microsoft Access, Project, Word, Excel, FrontPage, and PWS; Adobe Acrobat; FTP client/server software; various Content Management System (CMS) including Drupal, PHP-Nuke and XML-based Dataweb (HotRad); Fourth World WebMerge.

Electronic Bulletin Board (eBBs) and Forums, Blogs and Content Management System (CMS) — Creation, Programming and Administration.

Examples include these phpBB-based forums...

...these Blogs...

... and these CMS-based sites:

Site Design Philosophy and Web Writing: Based on usability paradigms and common-sense techniques of Jakob Nielsen, Steve Krug and

Search Engine Optimization: Techniques include:

Google Adsense, Google Adwords and Yahoo Search Marketing, Chitika, eBay Partner Network, Amazon Associates ads, and other Affiliate Marketing integration: Most web sites in Experience section above feature myriad "ad" technologies. Examples: Google Adsense integration into phpBB Forum, Mamba CMS and Etomite CMS.

Wiki: Wikipedia contributions: Salton Sea; Los Angeles county Beach Bike Trail Ballona Creek; Beach bike trail in Playa Del Rey, California; Looking North from Jumbo Rocks, Joshua Tree NP; etc.

Misc. Information Technology skills: W3C Markup validation including HTML, CSS and XHTML; Google-based Search Engine Optimization (SEO); DMOZ submission; W3 validation; Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird open-source code hacking.

Database Systems, Data Warehousing and Data Mining: phpMyAdmin, MySQL, Microsoft Access. My web site dedicated to database, warehousing and data mining.

Project Management: My web site dedicated to project management. Extensive experience with Microsoft Project.

Languages and Operating Systems: ASP, HTML, Java, JSP, JavaScript, PHP, XML, Perl; SQL, Visual Basic for Applications (VBA); OSes: Linux and UNIX, MS Win 9x - XP Pro.

Industrial programming languages: Allen-Bradley PLC 2, 5, SLC-500, Siemens SIMATIC S-5.

Industrial / Engineering — Drawings and Schematics: Reading (and troubleshooting via); conceptualization, creation and editing using AutoCAD and Microsoft Visio. Experienced in flow charts, network diagramming, and information-graphics creation.

Media-creation software experience and skills: Ulead MediaStudio Pro; Advanced Batch Converter; Irfan; Breeze Systems software for Canon digital cameras; Adobe Photoshop; Jasc PaintShop Pro. Experienced in image tweaking and motion-controlled, time-lapse motion picture creation.

Audio/Video conversion, format conversion, compression: HandBrake (video ripping/conversion); Foobar2000 (FLAC, mp3, etc.); EAC (Exact Audio Copy for CD ripping); Vinyl LP ripping.

Videography, post-production, editing and media-creation skills: formats include DV, miniDV, DVD-Video, Video-CD and VHS. Projects available in 4x3 and 16x9 aspect ratios. Software-based audio/video transcoding, editing and DVD authoring, using suites and programs from: Canopus, Ulead, VirtualDub, TMPG, Tsunami and others.

Audio engineering and media-creation skills, including: studio and recording-chamber acoustics; microphone techniques; analog and digital capture (including 24-bit/96-khz); software-based mixing and editing; media-format creation (CD, DVD-V, DVD-A).

Audiophile Hi-Fi Systems, Home Theater and Home Theater PC (HTPC) -- consultation, construction and setup: See this link for a home-component-based system I created. See this link for an HTPC I built.

Electronic and Electrical Engineering: Schematic CAD design, PCB layout and artwork (via CadSoft Eagle or sPlan); Soldering (including Surface-Mount Devices (SMD)); circuit tracing; circuit and micro-electronics photography; misc. tweaking and modification of electronic devices (example 1, example 2, example 3). Contributions and discussions on:;;;

Other Hardware Skills: DVD/CD writer/burner testing, configuration and optimization using firmware solutions and best-media matching. See this thread for examples.

Samples of some other Web projects I have created or have been involved in:, a web site to promote the Calorie Restriction dietary lifestyle.


bitStream jaVa: (orig URL) A demo-only cyber cafe with an ASP shopping cart.

Capella University (orig. 2000-2001 "Learningcommunity" home page) []

Capella University (orig. 2000-2001 "Learningcommunity" home page) [local]

Media References:

Personal pages / Hobbies and Interests:

California stuff: Panoramic Digital Photographs, video clips, time-lapse photography, and astrophotography from Southern and Northern California.


Available upon request.


"kh1 AT khurramhashmi DOT org" supports the following non-profit organizations and agencies:

The Methuselah Mouse Prize -- the premiere effort of The Methuselah Foundation; a scientific competition designed to draw attention to the ability of new technologies to slow and even reverse the damage of the aging process, preserving health and wisdom in a world that sorely needs it. Why should you support MPrize? Read this real-world account.

Tree of Life — used by people interested in locating information about a particular group of organisms, by biologists seeking identification keys, figures, phylogenetic trees, and other systematic information for a group of organisms, and by educators teaching about organismal diversity.

USDA Forest Service — since 1905, the Forest Service, an agency of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, has managed public lands in national forests and grasslands.

VolunteerMatch — a leader in the nonprofit world dedicated to helping everyone find a great place to volunteer.

Wikipedia — the world's largest encyclopedia, with textbook-level discussions on virtually every topic imaginable.

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