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Images from Faryal and Alison's 2005 and 2006 Visits to Southern California:

July 18, 2005: Temescal State Park (Pacific Palisades), Malibu

July 20, 2005: Palm Springs, Mt. San Jacinto, San Pedro

August 24, 2006: Joshua Tree National Park

August 26, 2006: Getty Museum (Los Angeles), Malibu, visit w/Dominick

Photos above show various electronic DIY projects from our website, GammaElectronics.

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Basement waterproofing-- Wet basement and waterproofing, foundations (incl. crack repair), floors, floods and water emergencies. Solutions, DIY, tips and suggestions for selecting professional contractors.

Construction Resources and Support — Tips and suggestions for your DIY and home-improvement projects. [alt. link]

Diesel Engines -- Guide to Troubleshooting and Repairing.

Industrial Electronics — Electrical/Electronics Information and Resources for Manufacturing and Government Applications.

Measurement Testing — Environmental Testing, EMC Testing, Vibration Testing and related areas.

Gammaelectronics --Greek letter Γ or γ followed by ... [alt. link]

Basic Consolidated Rail -- 21st Century Solutions for Railway Transportation

GE Locomotive

above: GE Transportation's Evolution Series locomotive reliably -- and economically -- traverses long distances while pulling heavy freight. See our Basic Consolidated Rail web site for more info.

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