Alameda Corridor- East (ACE)

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What is ACE?

The ACE Construction Authority is a single purpose construction authority created by the San Gabriel Valley Council of Governments in 1998 to mitigate the impacts of significant increases in rail traffic over 70 miles of mainline railroad in the San Gabriel Valley. Train traffic through the Valley is projected to increase by as much as 160 percent by the year 2020. The ACE Project consists of safety improvements and mobility upgrades at 39 railroad crossings and 22 roadway-railroad crossing grade separation projects in the San Gabriel Valley. The ACE Project will relieve traffic congestion, improve safety and reduce emissions and noise at all rail crossings while helping ensure the San Gabriel Valley's continued economic vitality. (Source: ACE Construction Authority )

Also (from railway contractor JLP website):

The corridor project is comprised of a distance of 35 miles through San Gabriel Valley between East Los Angeles and Pomona, serving an area of approximately 1.9 million residents and 30 municipalities. The project connects the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach to the transcontinental rail network, creating a faster, more efficient method of distributing the expected $314 billion in annual trade. The project components include grade crossing improvements (the project widens 17 roadways and grade separates 25 rail crossings throughout the most heavily used 55 crossings), safety upgrades, mobility improvements, traffic signal control measures and train traffic volume forecast.

JLP involvement includes railroad engineering, shoofly design, railroad safety, traffic engineering and civil engineering support services.


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