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U.S. Freight Rail Transportation Companies (Class I):

U.S. Freight Rail: Rail Cars

  • TTX (private): Developer of railcars and freight car management. Wikipedia link.

  • Trinity Industries, Inc (NYSE: TRN): largest North American freight rail manufacturer with 30% of the market. It produces freight cars, passenger railcars, boxcars and others.

U.S. Freight Rail: other

  • Railex (private): Uses Union Pacific and CSX along with special Railex-designed, purpose-built refridgerated cars to transport produce. Railex, a refrigerated rail transport and warehousing company, began service in 2006. Guarantees five days coast to coast. Routes: Washington (state) to New York; and Delano, CA to New York. A single train is equal to 220 semi trucks.

U.S. Rail Transportation: Locomotives and Supporting Industries:

U.S. Passenger and Light Rail:

U.S. Railroad Training and Careers:

U.S. Government Agencies:

U.S. Federal and State Government Support of Railroad:

U.S. Railroad Organizations:

U.S. Railroad Investor information:

Note: On Feb. 12, 2010, BNSF (former stock symbol BNI) merged with parent company Berkshire Hathaway Inc. (BRK-A). BNI Historical Stock Prices are here.

Train / Rail Technology and Engineering (global):

  • European web site that contains up-to-the-minute news on the worldwide rail industry. With its unique blend of news, analysis and special in-depth reports, this resource gets to the heart of issues affecting the working lives of people dealing with technology in the railway industry. From boardroom directors to trackside staff, or third-party providers, offers a comprehensive view of the industry, staying on top of the latest industry movements and views.

  • Railway Technical Web Pages: provides free articles about railways, using the UK railway system as the base technology with more articles and information about other systems, like the US, as appropriate. Articles and glossaries are provided for a range of subjects. These include planning, finance, operations, design, engineering, production and maintenance. There is also some information about steam locomotives, including a glossary and an explanation of wheel arrangement descriptions.

  • -- UK-/Europe-based web site and "webezine" for railway industry.

  • -- Railway Substructure Engineering


Railway/Railroad/Train magazines/periodicals/webzines (USA and Global):

Fan-based web sites (global):

Fan-based web sites (mostly American/U.S.):

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