Introducing Nietzsche

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Introducing Nietzsche

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Philosophy (19th century)


by: Laurence Gane (Author), Piero

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This intro tries to educate the reader of the "highlights" of Nietzsche's life and his philosophical beliefs -- but not in-depth. This books is for thosee just starting to study philosophy with no significant prior knowledge.
It is very easy to read and is broken down into numerous categories concerning Nietzsche's teachings. It also uses numerous comic-book-like illustrations with major historical people and how they viewed these teachings or how they helped to contribute to Nietzsche's belief system. It also goes far in setting straight a lot of misconceptions and falsehood regarding this philosopher.


... the perfect introduction/overview of Nietzcshe's work, well paced, covering all the bases simply and succinctly, with suitable illustrations. Best of all, Nietzsche himself gives intellectual justification for such a brief overview of complicated ideas -- he is perhaps the greatest critic of all, of academic overwrite and turgid over-complicated arguments. As a great proponent and utiliser of the aphorism, you can feel quite comfortable in reading this edition, that you are in fact doing the great man's work justice.
We see in this book what a profound thinker Nietzsche is, and what a thoroughly modern figure he is. We see how Freud, Postmodernism and the current critique of science as God all developed from his work. What a man, what a thinker, what a book this is! Junk the original works and just read this - now that's a post-modern approach.

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