Basic Writings of Nietzsche, The

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Basic Writings of Nietzsche, The

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Philosophy (19th century)


by: Friedrich Nietzsche (Author), Peter Gay (Introduction), Walter Kaufmann (Translator)

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Kaufmann is perhaps the WORST translator Nietzsche's writings have ever had to endure. Not to mention his blatant bastardization of Nietzsche's philosophy, which was carried out to ensure its marketability. Kaufmann liberalizes, humanizes (actually dehumanizes) Nietzsche's agonal thinking and renders it comfortably digestible to the sickened, hypocritical sensiblities of the very people N. battled against! Nietzsche does not deserve to be defiled by simple-mindedness!! The beauty, the unexcelled sweetness and tightness of Nietzsche's prose is brutalized and vulgarized by reckless cretinism. Do you want to EXPERIENCE Nietzsche's philosophy, or do you want a perverted, feminized simulacrum? Despite the herd's hysterical embrace, Nietzsche remains UNKNOWN, though the entire human race shout themselves to death to convince others of their "Nietzscheanism" (contradiction!). Kaufmann fails.

Topics include: classical nihilism, first immoralist, ascetic priest, satyr chorus, tragic myth, great nausea, ascetic ideal, metaphysical comfort, master morality, noble human being, theoretical man, noble morality, tragic chorus, slave morality


Human, All Too Human (BBC) - Friedrich Nietzsche: Part 1

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