Critical Thinking

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Critical Thinking

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Skepticism, Fallacies and Critical Thinking



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This book mostly focuses on only one aspect critical thinkers require, and that is identifying and rejecting rhetorical arguments. It does not have info that would help business people to filter out extraneous information and focus on critical factors even though in fast moving industries, this is a critical skill coming under the umbrella necessary to be labeled a critical thinker in the business world. Better title for the book may be "Rhetorical Fallacies". Don't buy this text to help you hone your skill in deciding what issues to focus on at work and how to drill-down to essential issues necessary to make good decisions. Recommended if you want to minimize the ability of ever-increasingly sophisticated rhetoric to mislead you.

Topics include: subjectivist fallacy, applying critical thinking, biased generalizations, dependent premises, persuasive comparison, premise indicators, informal fallacies, information literacy skills, critical thinking strategies, conclusion indicators, order fillers, clarifying context, persuasive language, periodical databases, emotive force


Collection of logical fallacies

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