Specialty Bike (Beyond transportation)

Pinarello Road Bike: The first racing bicycle made with AK61 Magnesium alloy. Dogma was born in 2003 after 2 years of exhaustive testing & research. Lightweight and balanced, Dogma offers maximum performance on any road, anywhere. The new Onda FP fork provides absolute stability even on the most twisting descents and high comfort on the bumpiest roads; with the introduction of lower headset bearings less than 1-1/4 in diameter, this provides a key increase in fork stiffness. Used as a race bike by pro riders, Dogma FP is considered the top for technological innovation in bicycle design. For 2005, Dogma FP has a utilizza M.O.st bottom bracket, with an Over Size da 55 mm BB shell, Isis spindle and 1-1/4 roller bearing races ; the innovative M.O.st bb guarantees less friction in pedaling and more stiffness in the frame; M.O.st is also compatible with Campagnolo & Shimano bb.
If you want to take up cycling as a sport or hobby rather than simply as a means of transportation, look for a more specialized bike such as a race-level road bike, a mountain or a BMX bike.

As bikes become more sophisticated, they need more care. For example, lightweight parts wear quickly, so they must be kept scrupulously clean. Carbon wheel rims require special brake pads that do not work well on metal. Hydraulic disc brakes and suspension systems need regular attention. Don't let these needs keep you from buying your dream bike! Just as riding it will be a joy, and maintaining it to exacting standards will be part of the whole cycling experience.

The road bike

Lightweight materials and narrow tires make road bikes ideal for fitness riding, day touring, and competitions. The aerodynamic position afforded by a drop handlebar offers great speed. Road bikes are so light and have such a range of gears that almost anyone, with a little training can tackle the great mountain passes made famous by the Tour de France.

The mountain bike

Full-suspension mountain bikes allow you to break new ground and ride across rugged terrain that was previously unthinkable and at speeds that were once unattainable.

The BMX bike

These bikes are built for acceleration and agile bike handling. Like some of the very first bikes, BMXs are made almost entirely from steel because it transfers power in a way that no other material can.

Road riding (top left image)

This road bike represents the ultimate in road-bike design, and is the type of bike that professionals use in the Tour de France.


road bike


• Regularly clean and lubricate the bike.

• Make routine safety checks.

• Check the brakes.

• Make sure gears are working perfectly.

• Where carbon-fiber components fit inside other components, cover their joints with copper-based anti-seize.

Mountain Bike


• Set up the suspension system.

• Regularly clean and lubricate the suspension.

• Inspect all pivots and seals regularly.

• Check brake cables and pads regularly.

• Replace the cassette every six months.

• Service the headset regularly.

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