Railroad/Freight-train conductors (aka engineers)--intro and careers

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Freight conductors (aka engineers): are responsible for the safe movement of trains and all employees, brakemen, and switchmen in their care. Conductors are held responsible for themselves, other crew members and their company since they organize all the work activities along a railroad route, keep manifest paperwork up-to-date and in proper order, manage employees’ hours and their own hours of service, maintain compliance to both the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) and company rules and regulations, communicate with dispatchers and others, manage train movement throughout their territory and regulate the final arrival and disposition of the train.

Engineering vs. Engineering

Norfolk Southern Engineering - Your Future is Waiting - Take an inside look at Norfolk Southern's engineering department and hear how you can be a career engineer. NOTE: This is not the same thing as a train engineer in the tradit. sense.

Now, we move onto to the trade of train/railroad enginering (conductor)...

A Day in the Life of a Norfolk Southern Conductor--learn about the role a conductor plays at Norfolk Southern.

Life As A Railroad Engineer. What it is like to work for a major railroad company (CSX) as an engineer. djstrains.com: "This is MY story about MY experience as an engineer for CSX. I get so many people that are interested in hearing about life on the railroad. I hold nothing back, the good and the bad. Always 100% honest. I will not however, give away any info that can jeopardize my job. CSX has very strict rules about that, so I wont post any info that they may not want public. "

Real train engineer: day in the life/ Train Engineer Jim---Engineer Jim going to downtown, playing cards with fellow engineers in the break room, and ...

SALARY (as of Feb 2016; Source: Google search):

Job Title Salary
CSX Locomotive Engineer $82,871
Norfolk Southern Locomotive Engineer $84,893
Canadian National Railway Locomotive Engineer $105,027
Canadian National Railway Locomotive Engineer $41.88/hr

Position Information: (Source: BNSF)

Work Conditions: Extreme all-weather conditions; un-even surfaces; safety sensitive work environment.

Travel: Frequent. May be away from home terminal for extended periods of time.

Shifts/Hours: On call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including nights, weekends, and holidays. Must be able to report to work 90 minutes after notification.

Seniority District / Transfers: Seniority District transfers will not be approved until you have been employed in this position for a minimum of three years.


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