Ancient Philosophy: A Very Short Introduction

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Ancient Philosophy: A Very Short Introduction

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Philosophy (Ancient)


by: Julia Annas

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To be effective, an "introduction" book must not only be concise, but also reader-friendly, keeping to the subject as close as possible in langauge terms designed to enlighten and entertain with an eye toward expanding the reader's interest in the subject covered.
The author of this book tackles none of these criteria, mainly because she hardly sticks to the subject matter at hand: philosophy. Instead we get a historical-political-sociological treatise that fails on every level to meet the expectations a reader has coming into the book.
Actually, when one applies common sense, this is too large a subject to fit into too small "introductory" a format. For a little more money, there is an excellent title called "Greek Philosophy" by the same publisher. Also, for a few dollars more, are the works of popularizers Bryan Magee, Roger Scruton, and Robert Solomon, each of whom will give you way more than your money's worth.

Topics include: expertise model, ancient ethics, morally right thing, ancient philosophy, reasoned account


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