Jane's Train Recognition Guide

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Jane's Train Recognition Guide

by: Howard Johnston

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Possibly the only book -- or, rather, Field Guide -- you'll need to identify the trains of the world. Globalization means that rail interest is no longer just domestic and rail fans travel far and wide to follow their hobby. Though in an easy to use format, this extensive guide covers over 500 of the trains that you are ever likely to see on your adventures. Organized in a way that makes comparison and contrast between similiar types easy, this guide also includes details of number in service, weight, builder, formation, power system and unit, power rating, max speed, fuel and passenger capacities, notes on modifications and special features. Along with extensive and clear photography this title also features maps showing all the major routes and locations of manufacturers, an index and glossary. This comprehensive title is the only guide worthy of the Jane's reputation as the authority on transport. This is the only book you need to make the most of your interest in trains, at any level. Contents:Locomotives, Passenger, Freigh, Special Duties, High Speed, Regional, Commuter Metro systems, Glossary, Index


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