CSX Clinchfield Route in the 21st Century

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CSX Clinchfield Route in the 21st Century

by: Jeremy Taylor

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This book follows one of the most scenic routes in America and runs through the most rugged mountain barriers in the eastern U.S. More than 3,000 labourers built the Clinchfield, using construction standards unheard of at the time. The railroad was finished in 1915 when George Carter, the driving force who put it all together, hammered in the last spike. Because of its enduring innovative construction, engineers have yet to enlarge its tunnels or strengthen its bridges. In its heyday, the Clinchfield was not well known outside its territory, but its history, including its genesis and challenging assembly, has fascinated railfans for years. The authors take us on a mile-by-mile trip through the tunnels and over the bridges of the Clinchfield's route in their fascinating portrayal of this railroad's current operations.


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